Ready for Bed

Oy! It’s been a long day! Me and my teddy are ready for sleep…


Well, That Can’t Be Right…..!


Relaxing in this Hammock doesn’t seem comfy at all!


Stressed Out


I Gotta Get Away!

O it’s been one of those days!  I feel like I just gotta get away.

Time to run off for the ultimate “Stay-cation”—-hiding in the corner!


Sleddie Bears

Sledding always looks like fun–doesn’t it?


Of course, I am usually the one falling off the back of the sled.


Dancing Bear


Sometimes you’ve just gotta dance!


Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time…


Did you ever do something that you thought would be really great…and then once you got into it, you discovered it wasn’t at all what you thought…?

Next time, I should probably think a little more carefully about what exactly I am getting myself into…