Playing in the Puddles


O it was a hot one out there today! These two have the right idea. Don’t they look like they are having a wonderful time?



Spring Rains Already?!?!?

O we’ve had so much rain! It’s only January but it seems we’ve already tapped into our April Showers!


Navigating the Flood


O we have gotten so much rain!  The yard has turned into a lake and our home has become beach-front property.

It’s always difficult to make your way when the path has become all rivulets and streams…


Boy That’s a Lotta Rain!


Hope everyone has been staying safe and dry!


Waiting For the Rain to End


O my goodness has it been raining! Showers all night long and then thunderstorms this morning.  It is enough to make us all go into hiding…


Someone Left Their Duckies Out


I have been so flustered this week…it’s seems that everything’s just been getting away from me.  And now I feel as though I have forgotten something very important…

What could it be….?


I Don’t Think My Rain Sheet Will Be Enough


Sometimes the rain here just comes down in torrents! And I know that no matter which rain coat I put on–I will still be soaked.  Perhaps I would be better off just wearing my snorkel?