Pig in a Polka



Looks like fun to me!


“Pigs who go to parties
Always seem to like it lots
They brush their tails
And curl them up in twisty little knots
They wear their party dresses
Made of pink & purple cloth
They’re going to dance a piggy polka
So they dress in polka dots”

–Mitch Miller, Little Pig Polka


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A Pig in a Blanket



Road Hogs

Looks like the chicken picked the wrong time to cross the road!


The Piggy-Back Ride



Swine Flu!?!?!


If the Swine Flu infects my Piggy Bank, does that make it an economic issue…?

I’m taking no chances.


I Think My Piggy is Losing Weight

I am sure he is getting a little skinnier….I haven’t been able to feed him as often as I used to!


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