The Clothes Horse


The weather has been so changeable.  From really cold… to really warm…to cool…to foggy…to sunny…to rainy…to icy…to cold…to warm….to frigid….to warm…to very cold…back to hot.  Even the horses are keeping an extended wardrobe handy!

Then, of course, it is only a matter of deciding which blanket is best.  The extra heavy…or the medium…or the lightweight waterproof…or the heavy waterproof….or maybe no blanket….?  And whichever I decide, the next project is picking all the rest of the blankets up off the stable floor….because if the blankets really are handy–it also means that they are close enough to be pulled down when the horse is feeling bored. (Or perhaps, he is just not happy with the outfit that I have chosen for him?)



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